The Data Science dive into the Mental.

Depression has been a household affair in the lockdown world. Professional, economic, and personal stress has been a major cause of degrading quality of our mental health. It is surprising to notice that the global mental health data suggests, around 30 Million people suffer from depression, 60 Million from bipolar affective disorder, 23 Million from Schizophrenia and other psychoses and 50 Million from dementia. While a severely neglected ailment, the recent years have seen people being worried about mental disabilities and their possible treatments. 

WHO data suggests approximately 800000 suicidal deaths per year globally. The suicides are definitely a manifestation of emotional and psychological disorders. Although medical science has been struggling for decades to spread awareness, most of it remains unheard. It is important that we analyze data and use artificial intelligence for diagnosis.

Wondering how Data Science can intrude the mental world? Well, since machine Learning and Artificial intelligence have taken up almost all aspects, the realm of mental is not left unexplored. Computational Psychiatry has been a major breakthrough with its data-driven and theoretical approaches. Using data models, and machine learning approaches, diagnosis of mental health, estimation of probable treatments and the treatment outcomes can be analyzed.

Some Methods adopted by Data Science:

  • One potential route for AI to help or even supplant human specialists, is to join the neuroimaging of fMRI with a trove of data, including study reactions, practical and basic MRIs, social data, behavioral data from interviews, and mental appraisals.
  • Quartet Health screens patient clinical narratives and personal conduct standards to reveal undiscovered emotional wellness issues. To represent the idea, Quartet can signal conceivable nervousness dependent on whether somebody has been over and again tried for a non-existent heart issue.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. With assistance of Data Science, the probable fuss with mental health can be ordered and structured, with focus to systematic treatment protocols.


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