Data Speaks: Data-driven governance for Jal Jeevan Mission

Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM) is an ambitious plan of the Union Government to provide piped water connection to every rural household by 2024 with 3.5 Lakh Crores investment. Even the state governments have invested heavily into this project like Mission Bhagiratha in Telangana. The National Sample Survey (NSS) report on Drinking Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Housing Condition in India included crucial data […]

Ways to deal with class imbalance in a classification problem

What is class imbalance? A dataset is said to have class imbalance problem if there is a huge difference between the number of observations of each class. For example a classification problem of finding fraudulent transactions will have very few fraudulent transactions compared non fraudulent transactions Why is it a problem? Because machine learning algorithms […]

Data Science for Marketing

Data Science is used in various spheres of digital marketing : Search Engine optimization, customer profiling and targeted marketing, market research, customer churn prediction, predicting customer lifetime value, etc. Let’s dive deeper into this in this article! Marketing analytics: How effective your marketing strategies are in terms of reach, ROI, etc is the main thing […]

Data Science in Sports

To most of us, sports are a source of exercise and joy, something that we catch up with after a scorching day at work. But the Sports industry is also a massive revenue generator, valued at well over 500 Billion Dollars through direct sources of revenue alone. In today’s Sporting world, Data Science is used to construct […]

Data Science in Agriculture

With increasing population, decreasing land sizes for agriculture and climate change ( leading to erratic rainfall patterns) increasing agricultural yield per square feet is more important than ever. The solution lies in using smart farming and data driven precision farming. This involves employing IoT, data science and other emerging technologies to increase revenue and efficiency.  […]