Success stories

Successful career transition:

Mohit Ranawat

I have successfully made a career transition into DL. Thanks to lively teaching and practical examples which helped me solve any problems and improved my problem-solving capabilities. The data tales provided were some of the best things I have ever seen.

Harish J

Data Scientist , Tech Mahindra

As a student of the NLP 100 Hours program, I can say, we got the best instructor. Great case studies, exhaustive hands-on, Good interactivity sessions, and diverse batch for good networking are the best part of the course.

This is the best course for NLP

Devendra Patil

Lead POG Center Of Excellence, PepsiCO

I recently got promoted to a role which has a lot of data-oriented decision-making. Thanks to the course which has a very structured approach and captured all the market requirements for working professionals. Being new to the Data Science world, your mentorship and assignments have made a lot of impact on my learning. This is the best course I would recommend to anyone

Ashwini Naidu

Data Scientist ,

Being a part of End to End Data Science and working with, I had a great learning curve. I feel confident in performing any task in ML, Data Science. It’s a great to have a motivating mentor who pushes to learn !

Shreya Mukherjee

Data Scientist, Citius Tech

Thanks a ton for help from the End to End DS course. Having graduated in BioMedical with no coding exp, I have successfully become a Data Scientist now. I loved the mentor teaching style and challenging coding assignments which made the subject very interesting. can make anyone a Data Scientist !

Vikas Kumar Yadav​

Intern @ PayUMoney​, Analytics Vidhya

I got placed at PAYU through campus placement. Thanks, Prudhvi for all the help. I am really grateful for his teaching and continuous mentorship.

Learners who took a step beyond:

Deepak Murugian

CEO & Co-founder, TeachEdison

TechEdison is very proud and delighted to travel with in their journey of creating a breed of high performing data professionals. The world needs millions of teachers like him to provide quality education to billions. Or mission is to empower millions of entrepreneurs like Prudhvi who will successively empower the lives of billions with quality education.

Sachin Tripathi

Creator, AI pe Charcha

Prudhvi is a gem. He is putting his efforts either in the field of Data Science or for the Nation. His words always resonate in my ears whenever I want to fall back to my comfort zone – ‘The life that you live after 9 PM to 5 PM is what differentiates you from the rest’. I feel blessed to have such a friendly mentor who helped me achieve great heights.

Shravya CH

Data Scientist, Accenture

Today was my first day at IIT Hyderabad and making it here as the youngest learner was only possible because of Prudhvi’s mentorship.  His way of simplifying concepts and analogies made it easier to recall. Happy to have undertaken this course and this course helped me make my IIT dream come true.

Amit Choudhary


You know you are doing great when people are talking about it. You know you are actually teaching good when people come to you first before your ads reach them. Supervised Learning is definitely recommended for anyone ready to invest sufficient time and effort in real machine learning. Keep up the good work!

Delighted Stories of Learning:

Vinay Kumar Bachu

Senior Data Scientist at Infosys

No one can get this kind of content anywhere. I’ve tried self learning for 1.5 years using online self-paced courses but the information I get there is 50-50 and realized I needed a trainer or mentor. The course is crisp, clear and very good.

Rajesh Gupta

Data Scientist at Atlantic Lottery Corporation

The way of teaching and the course materials are really great. I got an internship in a leading company that specializes in Speech recognition after doing the NLP 100 hours course.  The course materials and the structure of the course are akin to what a master’s course in NLP would provide.


Prudhvi is one of the best trainers I have ever seen and the best place I would recommend to learn Data Science will be The structure of his teaching is impeccable as he lays a bridge between theory and practical experience (especially with the data tales). Each and every concept is explained by connecting with a perfect example or lovely analogies and so not a single moment in the class seems boring.

Sasmita Patra

Quality Assurance Manager at IQVIA

Prudhvi is passionate about Data Science and if you hear his struggle, it becomes immensely clear that he is here to help others in every possible way he can.Hats off sir, keep the positivity within.Your videos would definitely help me in mastering data science.

Sreekumar Radhakrishnapillai

Principal Investigator, Centennial College Canada

I find your tutorials are very well organized and address the analytic requirements for the researchers and data analytics. I find the outputs in your tutorials are exactly in the same format that we require in real projects. The focus you gave on the assumptions testing before doing the analyses is also price worthy. Thank you very much for your determination.

Anchal Sarraf

Developer, NTT Data Services

I got to know about Prudhvi’s NLP 100 Hours course through LinkedIn and realized that is the least expensive course available. No regrets ever! His teaching was simple & interactive, with a well structured with quizzes & assignments that helped understand the topics efficiently. He guided me even after the course was completed.

Ranjith Gonugunta

Senior Consultant at CGI (USA)

I have been learning statistics and probability since school days. But I should admit I have never understood these topics as I have done during this course. Definitely a well-designed course and delivery. Thank you

Amit Sharma


I was just watching the pre-reads and stumbled upon the sections of the neural network. I am surprised to know their application, the extent of complexity a neural network could be. I liked the introduction to AI part as one of the best deep learning introductions so far.
Thanks for coming up with such easy grasping content.

Sudhev Das

Technical Architect​, IBS Software

I find the sessions very interesting. Prudhvi’s way of teaching is very special.

Ravindra Datar​


I have attended Prudhvi’s session arranged by the school AI team. It was very impressive. I was a project manager in the physical security systems domain & was looking for a switch to AI domain. His sessions were insightful and really gave me the hope that it is possible to switch career even at the age of 42 by helping me understand how I could make the transition! Thank you so much!

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