We at 
Supervised Learning 
aim to get rid of the dearth of quality data scientists from our country.

While there are already tons of free and paid content available, we strive to change the way Science is learnt. We stand out by providing in-depth courses and live sessions led by industry experts.

About us

Supervised Learning is an E-Learning platform with a focus on mentor-based learning solutions for Data Science, AI, and NLP domains.

It all started in 2016 with a thought: “All of us do not have equal talent. But , all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents.” Ever since then, it has been an incredible journey of knowledge, growth, and innovation.

We at Supervised Learning aim to get rid of the dearth of quality data scientists from our country. While there are already tons of free and paid content available, we strive to change the way science is learned. We stand out by providing in-depth courses, mentoring and live sessions led by industry experts and make sure our students are at par with the changing world.

Our aim is to impart knowledge and better the society and make an impact!

Our story

A long-standing dream of ours has been to have the best Data Scientists in our country.  It all started in 2017, when our founder, Prudhvi posted on LinkedIn that he is ready to mentor a few data scientists. The post went viral with almost 400 people expressing interest in learning with a mentor’s supervision.

Over the next 6 months till June 2018, Prudhvi mentored a selected batch of 10 students. One of them landed a Masters’s Degree in a prestigious institute, another landed a job in an MNC, while yet another student with over 20 years of experience in their domain made an easy internal transition into data science. It was truly a proud moment for us.

On July 4, 2018, we officially registered the business. For the next 1 year, we ran the business virtually with interns. By July of 2019, we completed 5 batches, opened our first office with 4 employees, and had launched our second course – NLP 100 hours.

By early 2020, we enrolled hundreds of students for 9 batches of our End to End Data Science Course and 2 batches of NLP 100 hours. We have grown into a team of 10 and launched our product wing in data science – Avani.ai on April 24, 2020, because we feel that there should be no ironclad distinction between academia and industry. Both must go hand in hand to have a large and positive impact.

During this journey, we mainly focused on creating and developing the right content modules, shared tutorials and insights over marketing channels, and helped learners with coherent content without charging a bomb. We’ve grown and scaled the platform organically while maintaining quality and impacting lives.

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Our values



The affordability of higher education needs to be rethought. Free education might not be the perfect solution in the current global economic context, but higher tuition fees do not guarantee quality education either. So we make our courses are of high quality while maintaining affordability.



Speak Your Mind. Contribute Authentically. Keep Motives Pure.

We are here to make an impact and grow; not to simply scale the business to 100x and make big bucks. We believe in transparent policies, pricing, and goals.



Every learner has unique needs. We give the highest importance to passionate mentoring whose cornerstone lies in empathizing with learners’ needs.

"When a heart opens, the mind opens” is our guiding philosophy in teaching.