Disaster Relief with the advent of Artificial Intelligence

Natural disasters and man-made disasters are part and parcel of our everyday life. The year 2020 has portrayed the severity and damage that disasters can bring around globally. Disaster Relief Management has geared up to the next level, owing to the intervention from the world of artificial intelligence.

Several organizations like Quatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI) uses machine learning do identify tweets and texts relating to a particular crisis globally. This helps the voluntary organizations and relief personnel take immediate measures during the crisis period.

Similar tools such as 1Concern is mainly concerned with assisting in allocating resources for rescue operations. Effective planning modules prepared by this tool also ensures in locating vulnerable regions during disasters.

Various AI based tools help in effective management during severe disasters. One such example being Nepal Earthquake in 2015. Roughly, 3000 volunteers could immediately take over the charge of rescuing the people from 90 countries. The geotag enabled the AIDR identify the locations and send appropriate resources to the locations.

Artificial Intelligence is leveraged upon in life-saving operations, as they tend to provide exact data and information required for the purpose. This additionally comes up with cost-effective measures, on-time response, proper coordination, and intricate action planning which is effective during crisis periods. This has been a winning concept adopted by upcoming startups as well as relief organizations globally.


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