Churn Prediction for Subscription based streaming services.

As internet exploded and data plans became very affordable, streaming services especially for entertainment got major fillip. The competition in this field has become too intense with many players offer diverse content at very affordable prices. Poaching customers with attractive discounts has become a norm. To fight this every firm has deployed Data Analytics to identify and mitigate churn. In this talk, we look at how to approach this problem.

About the podcast

In this talk, we analyse data from ——- , a music streaming service very popular in Asian Market. The following will be contents of podcast

  1. Introducing the business problem of Churn – industries suffering, why is it relevant today, what’s impact if you can implement – 10 mins
  2. Deeper insights into Data Analysis  – Sample data picking, data description, a few notable patterns extracted , techniques for pattern extraction – 15 minutes
  3. Modelling the churn problem – multiple approaches – feature engineering, modelling, challenges like imbalance, deploying solution – 15 minutes
  4. Questions answering – 10 minutes.

Follow this podcast if you

1. If you work in domain where customer churn is serious problem

2. If you working in modelling Data Analytics solutions

3.  Are looking to leverage AI/Data Science for your firm

4. Understand how a data science project runs end to end


No prerequisites. Although the podcast is likely to resonate more with individuals who have some background in Data Science. 

Who should attend

Anyone with a certain interest in Data Science , AI, and the lives of those who pursue it.

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